86 Champs Paris – A new concept store

Great partnerships work when the output is genuinely valuable for the customer. By initiating the right partnership, you will be able to reward customers in new and exciting ways, making them more enthusiastic to spend because of the improved benefits they receive. Read about a new Parisian store in this retail design blog.

86 Champs – new Parisian concept store

To give a bit more context about ‘what a good partnership looks like’, beauty brand L’Occitane and the ‘Picasso of Pastries’ Pierre Hermé have created a hybrid space designed to test our senses, and our preconceptions of what a beauty boutique should be. Intended to celebrate the high-quality ingredients behind both, in December 2017 the two Maisons launched 86 Champs, a 1000 square meter Parisian concept store on Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Paris.

Named with its street number, 86 Champs brings together three things for which France is most revered: food, fragrance and the pleasure principle. 86 Champs showcases a a compelling, fourfold experiment, offering a dessert bar for initiating yourself in the art of pastry, a coffee station, and a restaurant, for a savory interlude between dessert courses.

Maximum experience of 86 Champs Paris

At its centre, a 30-seat dessert bar that seems as friendly as a soda shop counter is complemented with its top spectacular lighting installation made of 1,000 handblown glass globes. At the base, Mr. Hermé’s team makes desserts while customers watch, and will happily discuss the process as they go along. Adding an olfactory twist, L’Occitane presents an interactive, in-store perfumery and scent installation, where guests come nose-to-nose with raw L’Occitane ingredients and production methods.

While perfumery and pastry-making may have some similarities, persuading retail to cohabit with a restaurant can prove a trickier proposition. To make it work, the space resembles an immersive sensory experience that brings a sense of touch and smell into play. Without coming across as fusty or pretentious, the experience creates a welcoming and refined place where objects, scents or tastes express osmosis between these brands.

86 Champs shows a curated collaboration that will undoubtedly have a positive effect on their sales figures and the customer experience. As a group, they can share the costs and pool efforts on acquiring fixtures to help merchandise the space. The output works for both exquisite brands and reinforces whatever message is intended, but never at the expense of quality.



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