After more than 30 years in the business, we have built up an extensive retail design portfolio. At The Greater group, we are proud of the work we do and we want to share the creativity and innovation conjured up in collaboration with our clients across the world.

Tailored Solutions for retail store

Our projects cover a broad scope, ranging from automotive, banking, technology and large format to home/living, office spaces, fashion/accessories and hospitality. Over the years, we have worked with international leading brands like Nike, Estée Lauder, Samsung and Pandora as well as service providers like CIMB Niaga, Travelex, ANZ and much more. In addition to the retail spaces and stores we have designed and built, we have rolled out a number of F&B venues, tapping into the potential of the growing hospitality scene in airport locations.

Our clients are diverse and each bring their unique set of goals and requirements to the table. Every project we take on is a new, exciting journey for us and we are committed to finding tailored solutions for every goal to deliver sustainable results that will stand the test of time.

A Look Behind the Scenes of retail space

Delivering a new retail space is no simple task. But after months of hard, gruelling work, there is no feeling quite like taking a step back and being presented with a proud look of the results.

Following the completion of each project, we conduct an in-depth study into the creation process to piece the puzzle together from initial planning and design right through to procurement, build and project management to gain a better understanding of what happens behind the scenes. What motivated the client to commission Greater Group? What were the main objectives in the project and how did we ensure successful outcomes? What were the challenges encountered throughout the process and how were these obstacles solved?

Our retail design study – all you need to know

As retail design experts, we appreciate success stories but also understand the value of learning from the challenges others face – especially in an industry as ever-changing as retail. We love reading about new stores, marvelling at beautiful designs and being inspired by intelligent, out-of-the-box solutions.

That is why it is such a great pleasure for us to share our own project showcases – we want to recognise and honour the hard work our teams pour into their work.

Having these conversations with the stakeholders involved in each project helps us to reflect on our own work and to keep building on the strong foundation of our reputation as a leading global retail design and build agency.


greater group have been working with JB HI-FI to deliver their store network in Australia and [...]