Diamond Exchange

Diamond Exchange is a family-owned diamond trader with 100+ years’ experience in the diamond trade, offering clients world-class diamond rings and jewellery, handcrafted in Australia and supported by extensive knowledge, brilliant craftsmanship and excellent service.

Expanding the Retail Model of the Diamond Exchange

In 2016, the brand identified an opportunity for the business to make a transition to a physical retail channel. The Thomas-family partnered with greater group to design and deliver their first boutique in Melbourne which was soon followed by their second location in Sydney. The spacious and light-filled boutiques present a new type of luxury retail experience, merging traditional elements with modern design features.

Modern Showroom of Diamond Exchange Melbourne

Diamond Exchange commissioned greater group to design and implement their first boutique in Melbourne’s Collins Street in 2017. The rollout of the Sydney-based flagship was greater group’s second collaboration with the brand. The Sydney showroom is based on a modern interpretation of traditional jewellery boutiques, fitted out in warm lighting, soft finishes and plush details. The store’s open layout concept expertly showcases a wide range of products while achieving a curated best-of-range display in an intimate setting.

DiamondExchange – Design 2019

In 2019, greater group’s latest project with Diamond Exchange comprises a refreshed design concept for the existing Melbourne store. Greater Group began the design process by working with the jeweller to redefine their brand image and identify the target customer: the Millennials. The goal was for the store to feel luxurious and approachable to accurately showcase Diamond Exchange’s jewellery. The environment had to reflect the craftsmanship of the hand-made jewellery pieces, bringing the brand’s personality to life in this space by displaying the behind-the-scenes process of in-house diamond specialists.