Great wine lunch

We had the following retailers for the 40 person lunch in Docklands:


New Balance

Thomas Jewellers

Emirates Retail / Hudsons Coffee

TGI Fridays /Melbourne Rebels





Cellar hand


Here are some of the responses via email :

  1. Yet again you nailed it—-brilliant lunch last Thursday, great food, wine and company. Thanks for inviting me.    – Frank
  1. Neil and Bob, thanks for hosting a great long lunch last week. Very much enjoyed the day.    – Adam
  1. Just wanted to thank you both for a terrific lunch yesterday…..great food, wine & company made for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.    – Chris
  1. Thanks for a great day yesterday chaps, it was a lot of fun – I feel suitably dusty today! Cheers    -Pol
  1. Yes a brilliant fun day, thanks for having us.  A few people asked for a list of the wines and prices – are you ok of I email the group or shall I send to you to flick on?    – Patrick
  1. Thanks for such a fun afternoon yesterday – great food, wine and people!    – Bec
  1. A heartfelt thanks for super day yesterday mate. Was delighted to get 16 from 16 with my new mate Ian!     – Jonathon
  1. Bright as a button I am!!  Still think I’m running on the espresso Martinis!  Thank you so much for a really fun day – what a great bunch they were!! And thanks for your over generosity!  Ah look it’s lunchtime ! Ready to go again?    – Virginia
  1. What an absolute pleasure it was to be at lunch yesterday.  I was struck by the personal relationships that you had with the restaurant owners and wine merchants and this greatly added to the enjoyment.  I can’t remember being at a better lunch.  It seems unusual for wanting to apologise for leaving a lunch early at 5.15pm but it felt like the best fun was still ahead of us when I had to leave for baby sitting duties.  If there is a next time, I will know better.    – Paul
  1. A nice photo I took at the fantastic lunch. Thanks guys. I appreciate not only the fun but more importantly also the friendship. You’re both awesome.     – Andrew S
  1. Thank you for inviting me to your Great Wines Lunch yesterday. Your hospitality was both kind and generous.  I enjoyed meeting such interesting people who had many challenging ideas and with whom I had some stimulating conversations.  The food and wine were also great!!    – Jamie
  1. Just like to thank you again for your wonderful Bastille day Wine Lunch last week.  It was great catching up with you and meeting a lot of your clients and business partners.  It was a very enjoyable day.    – Paul


Sydney, here we come ….

Bastille Day lunch