Greater Group Takes On #DryJuly

greater group staff has pledged to take on the #DryJuly challenge to raise funds and awareness for cancer support organisations across Australia.

1 July 2019, Australia – greater group, a global design led retail consultancy, has pledged to take on the #DryJuly challenge, a yearly fundraising initiative tohelp raise funds and awareness for cancer support organisations across Australia.

dry july greater group

Headquartered in Australia, greater group is now calling on their teams across offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China and Singapore to join forces and take on the abstinence challenge as a team.

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Following on from his father’s lead, Asia CEO Ryan Arrowsmith, has also taken on the #DryJuly challenge for the second time this year.

“We’re fast approaching the end of the first week of the challenge and pleased to announce all GG participants are still going strong so far. Although it can be tricky juggling commitments throughout the month, many in our business , like most others, have been affected by cancer in some shape or form, so making a few small sacrifices over the course of a few weeks pales in comparison to the challenges cancer patients and their families face daily”, said Ryan.

“We are really proud of the team for jumping on board to support this great initiative. Since the campaign started in 2008, more than $37 million has been raised for various cancer organisations, funding projects like subsided accommodation for rural patients who would otherwise travel hours each day for treatment, providing state-of-the-art chemotherapy chairs and renovating recreational areas for patients”, he added.

Here are some of Ryan‘s tips for making the most of #DryJuly:

• Embrace it as an opportunity and not a challenge.
• Get the message out as much as possible to get people to sponsor you.
• Offer to be the designated driver for your mates on a night out.
• Continually remind yourself where the money is going and the difference it can all make.
• Don’t beat yourself up if you have a beer one day; get someone to sponsor you for it.

To aid in fundraising and to motivate each other, the enthusiastic teams from Greater Group have planned a month-long calendar jam packed with alcohol-free events, including a bake sale, trivia nights accompanied by cheese platters, outdoor hikes and fitness classes.

If you have some reservations about doing #DryJuly for the whole month, you can alter the campaign to make it work for you. There is an option to purchase ‘Golden Tickets‘ that will grant you a free pass. If, for instance, you have a special event that falls right in the middle of July, you can still participate in #DryJulyby buying yourself one of these Golden Tickets and adding it to your fundraising pool.

Visit the #DryJuly website to find out more about the campaign, access a wealth of support and advice and make donations.