Hershesons Berners Street : THE Salon experience to try

A salon is often seen as old-fashioned that has rows and rows of chairs with bad lighting. However, beauty specialist, Hershesons, has broken the traditional salon norms with a new flagship store on Berners Street, London. Our design blog had a closer look to this transformation.

Welcome to Hershesons Berners Street…

Since its 1992 beginnings, hair, has been Daniel Hershesons’ forte as he invented concepts such as the straightening iron and blow-dry bars. Now, Hershesons is reshaping the salon experience in a thoroughly contemporary way with an approach that combines a beauty space, co-working and social space, wrapped into one, multi-functional model.

Throughout the 464 sqm space, the design reflects Hersheson’s longstanding mantra: ‘no limits, boundaries, or rules’.

THE salon experience of your life…

hershesons salon

Unflattering salon lights have been replaced with reclaimed fittings from a British Airways Concorde hangar, while the reception desk is a DIY mid-century style and the floor tiling is Instagram worthy. Many of the mirrors are retractable— meaning that if a customer doesn’t want to stare at their face surrounded by foils as they have highlights done— thankfully, they don’t have to.

Every marble, wood, metalwork, tile, glass, wallpaper, colour, texture, pattern and grain were carefully curated to create a certain palette— one that had a “posh grittiness” and created departments or zones as well as delight.


Not content with simply shunning the archetypal salon experience in favor of something more modern, Hershesons brings in other renowned brands from other areas of the beauty sphere for additional services.

hershesons berner st

There’s a slick Sans Pere lifestyle café that elevates Hershesons from an immersive salon into a day trip destination, creating a unique café where customers can eat, drink, and even work before, after or in-between treatments. There are marble-topped manicure stations dedicated to DryBy nail bar, and private rooms for Dr. Barbara Sturm’s facials along with waxing and lasering. It’s a mini department store for beauty services.

Distinct areas merge into each another, blending beauty, food and co-working into one social space. The word salon would certainly feel too simplistic to describe the full-circle beauty experience. It is relaxed, informal, and at every turn there is something to experience.

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