In the creative world, design blogs are our best friend. The online sphere is an unlimited source of creative inspiration and reading design blogs is a great way to get insight on the latest trends in the industry and get behind the scenes of a diverse range of creative work.

Past three decades in merchandising…

Greater Group has been designing and building intelligent retail spaces for the past three decades and we can keep creating innovative, relevant designs because we religiously stay up to date with consumer demands to understand how new design trends are influenced.

Because we love reading about design so much, we wanted to return the favour by creating our very own retail design blog: a space where we can share our interests with like-minded creatives who love talking about new ideas as much as we do!

Find everything about top retail in our design blog!

Our team of creative thinkers and experienced retail executives are proud of their work, dedicated to the industry and committed to bringing quality content to readers who share their flair and fire.

The blog is where everything comes together, playing its role in our omnichannel digital platform. Our feed is filled with a melting pot of topics from industry news, emerging trends and collaborations with other retail blogs who inspire us to new retail space, interior design inspo and innovative solutions for product displays, brand activations and visual merchandising. At the end of the day, we’re all here to learn from each other!

Stay tuned for new content coming your way every week.

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