What’s New

Elissa Luciani, Polly Glaysher Pagh and Minny Chung have returned from maternity leave. Rachel Nelson will return soon.

Gary Beaton has taken over the role of COO.

Lorraine Wells is playing a large part in the GG finance sector.

Max Durack has returned to the Melbourne office. The team are so glad to have his loud voice (and talent) back in Australia.

Karina Renata recently joined the Melbourne office.


Dan & Alice on their twins.

Phoebe Morrison is having a baby and has rejoined greater group!

CJ Hui is also having a baby.

Congratulations all! We are delighted by the wonderful news!

Welcome Onboard


Neil Bowen is Asia’s COO. He will be responsible for the day to day Operations, with a particular focus on Procurement and Build, Finance and Admin.


CJ Hui has a degree in Accounting from the University of Texas. She has joined the admin team in Asia as a Finance and Admin Assistant and will also be working closely with the Finance team in Melbourne.


Yuni Ibrahim has over 10 years of professional experience in providing reliable and effective administrative support. She is Jakarta’s Office Manager and will be in charge of all the operational, administration, finance, legal tasks, as well as providing support to senior management team.


Emeric Landemaine has joined the Hong Kong design team as a Design Manager. Originally from France, he has 10 years experience in product & furniture design. He also has on the ground experience in factories developing design for production.


Egor Ilyukevich has joined the Sydney office as Project Coordinator. He will be working alongside Andrew Stavrou on numerous accounts including Sheridan and Alex and Ani.


Benny Chen is responsible for Payroll in Australia, New Zealand and UK, as well as accounts payable for Australia. He was previously employed by Rutledge Engineering, a project based Audio Visual company.


Danny Tanoto is a new member of the Jakarta design team. He graduated from RMIT University, in Melbourne and has extensive experience in the architectural industry.


Cathy Li joins the Hong Kong office as an Admin Assistant. She has experience in administration for multi-nationals.


Michelle Ou was born in England and moved to Hong Kong 3 years ago, after she graduated from the University of Nottingham. Michelle has great professional experience in communications and copywriting. She has joined the international Marketing Department as our Marketing Communications Coordinator.


Mira Nikolic started in February as a Designer. Mira brings with her some great experience, working across architectural and interior design roles.